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BSc IT Programme Information



The minimum study period for this qualification is three years of study and a maximum of six years.

There are numerous career possibilities for an IT graduate in South Africa and abroad, such as Programmer, Software Engineer, Application Developer, Systems Administrator, Systems Analyst and Designer, Business Analyst, Database Administrator and Designer, Business Intelligence Developer, Project Leader, Entrepreneur, Information Technology Manager, and Researcher. Special opportunities exist in fields, such as data science, information security and quality, mobile and web application development, computer networks, supply chain, operations and logistics management.


National Senior Certificate with university exemption for degree studies APS Score of 26 Mathematics level 4 (50-59%).


Calculating the APS score Your percentage obtained in six subjects are used to calculate the APS score. Four subjects come from the designated subject list of subjects for university admission. The APS score obtained for Life Orientation is not taken into account in calculating the APS score.

NSC Level  APS score
8 - (90-100%) 8
7 - (80-89%) 7
 6 - (70-79%) 6
5 - (60-69%)
4 - (50-59%)
3 - (40-49%) 3
2 - (30-39%) 2
 1 - (0-29%) 1


Other Requirements

It is compulsory, and the responsibility of the student to ensure that he/she has access to, or obtains the necessary technology, such as a computer, laptop and smart phone that meets the minimum specifications of the NWU. Access to a computer with Windows 10 or higher, as well as an Internet connection of at least 2Mbps, is required for the BSc in IT degree.


Method of Delivery

Lectures and tutorial lessons are mainly presented by means of online videos and activities. All lessons are saved under Downloads for students to access at their convenience. Students are supported by means of eFundi (a virtual learning environment) and communication with lecturers and facilitators, as well as a contact centre, library services, and various self-help services. All examinations are conducted at exam centres, with NWU staff setting the examination papers and assessing answer scripts, thus ensuring that all students have met the required module and programme outcomes. Distance Learning studies are only available in English as a medium of instruction.


Programme Outcome

Design, development and delivery of computerised systems;contribute to management of information and information sources; develop IT-related solutions; lifelong learning and entrepreneurship.



Study fees are based on the amount of modules a student has. Students pay per module instead of the course as a whole.

All fees are adjusted annually. Study fees are based on modules. Students pay per module and not for the course as a whole. E-mail for a quotation. 

NB: All students are responsible for acquiring their own prescribed textbooks.