About us

The Unit for Distance Learning was established in 2012 with the vision to provide, through distance learning, access to increasing numbers of students, to quality education programmes, by means of ongoing effective support and appropriate technology.

The Unit for Distance Learning (UDL) provides teaching and learning, services and support to all that wish to continue their tertiary educational aspirations using the distance learning option, where barriers caused by time, geographical limitations, age factors and pace of learning are eliminated.

We focus on the academic development, support to our students and lecturers with the use of various E-learning offerings and technologies that provide interactive online learning. Optimal learning and development are ensured and teaching continues regardless of the circumstances.

UDL creates opportunities for students to accelerate their careers by obtaining their undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications thus improving their effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace as well as their personal self-development.


What is Distance Learning?

Distance learning refers to a delivery mode and teaching and learning approach that focuses on increased access to education and training where barriers caused by time, place and pace of learning are eliminated.


How does it work?

Classes for students by lecturers/facilitators are presented through interactive whiteboard sessions. Students who cannot attend these lessons are able to download the lecture recordings which are made available after the class. Certain programmes have been developed for interactive online learning and are offered through the e-learning environment called eFundi.


Registered students: 14 364


meet the executive commitee


Dr Joany Fransman
Director: UDL Teaching & Learning

Dr Susan Greyling
Academic Manager: Education

Dr Petria Theron
Academic Manager: Theology

Mr Frederick Mudavanhu
Academic Manager: Natural & Agricultural Sciences, Law and Engineering

Mr Zanele Jack
Manager: Learner Support Centres (LSCs)

Ms Geraldine Meyers-Mashamba
Manager: Quality


Ms Zanobia Kanjee
Head: e-Learning

Mr Motlatsi Mojahi
Manager: Projects & Tender Management