The aim of this page is to provide important notifications and information relating to the Unit for Distance Learning (UDL)

Please note that this information only applies to students and staff of the UDL


Phasing out the provision of study material

23 February 2024

Commencing in 2024, the Unit for Distance Learning is officially phasing out the provision of study material to students enrolled in the distance modality. All first-time students enrolled in programs within the Faculty of Education and Faculty of Humanities will no longer receive study materials previously provided by the Unit for Distance Learning. This transition to non-provisioning of study materials will be phased in gradually, beginning with the first-time students in the distance modality and continuing with subsequent year groups. Henceforth, the NWU will cease providing textbooks or physical and electronic study materials to newly enrolled students in the distance modality from 2024 onwards. Study guides will be accessible online, and each student will be responsible for purchasing their own textbooks once they have successfully registered. Additionally, for paper-based programs, a transition to online teaching is scheduled for 2024.

Distance learning second opportunity assessments 2024

19 January 2024

Distance learning students must please take note that as from 2024 it is foreseen that the timelines for distance learning second opportunity assessments will change, as second opportunity assessments will not be written six months after the first assessment opportunity anymore.

Distance learning students who have second opportunity assessments pending from the November 2023 first opportunity will be the last group to be accommodated in this manner and will receive further communication soon.

Device requirements for distance learning students

19 January 2024

Distance learning students should please take note that they must have access to a computer and stable internet connection in 2024 for the purpose of receiving and sending information and the submission of assignments and assessments. Own data is required.

Distance learning students should have a basic smart phone with access to Google play store, Apple app store or Huawei store, with a camera,  internet connection. Own data is required