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Diploma in Grade R Programme Information




SAQA ID: 91726

This is a three year diploma on NQF-level 6.


Prospective students must already be working at a school in Grade R to be able to apply for admission.

The Diploma in Grade R Teaching is a NQF-level 6 qualification consisting of 380/388 credits. Students choosing English First Language (LoLT) are required to complete an extra language model of 8 credits as required by the Department of Higher Education and training, as stipulated in the Minimum Requirements for Teacher Education Qualifications. Therefore students taking English First Language (LoLT) will complete a total of 388 credits to attain the Diploma in Grade R Teaching. The Diploma in Grade R Teaching will also provide a vast number of under- and unqualified Grade R practitioners with the opportunity to gain access to a higher education qualification. This qualification will be recognized by the Department of Basic Education and utilized to enable the practitioners to qualify for the relevant REQV level 13 for remuneration purposes. Therefore, this qualification will not only provide prospective students with an opportunity to develop their academic careers, but may also enhance their personal and social well-being. This specialized qualification will provide the successful student with an opportunity to articulate into a BEd degree (Foundation Phase) in order to gain status as a fully qualified Foundation Phase teacher after completion of this degree. Students who wish to articulate into the BEd degree will be credited with up to 180 credits at the NWU.


The core modules focus on Languages, Mathematics and Life Skills that should form an essential part for any Reception Year teacher’s professional knowledge. Research has proven that, where young learners have a solid grounding in Life Skills, they are better prepared for all challenges of life and future success. The Life Skills component of this qualification thus carries the most credits in order to equip Grade R teachers with the critical knowledge of all facets of Life Skills education. This programme will develop the necessary competences for students to understand how learners learn, how to teach and how to assess what they learn. The programme further includes modules focussed on work-integrated learning (WIL). These modules which are on NQF level 6 aim to develop the students’ discipline and pedagogical knowledge and skills. These modules link clearly with the competences of how to unpack the curriculum, apply sound subject knowledge and how to teach subject content successfully to Grade R learners. The WIL modules also range from levels 5 to 7 to ensure the development of competences for effective teaching in diverse classrooms in South Africa.


Prospective students must already be working at a school in Grade R to be able to apply for admission. The minimum admission requirement for this qualification, as stated by the Department of Higher Education and Training, is a National Senior Certificate with diploma endorsement or equivalent. A level 4 or level 5 Certificate or Diploma in Early Childhood Development may also be presented for admission. It is assumed that students with such qualifications will have the necessary knowledge, skills and values to register for a level 6 qualification.

Method of Delivery



The contact-session timetable includes information regarding study venues, contact times and dates, modules, semesters. Take note that there are possibly three sessions that could take place at selected Learner Support Centres:

  • Whiteboard 1
  • Whiteboard 2
  • Whiteboard 3


If an SMS is sent to you reminding you of contact sessions, please refer to your year programme to see whether your programme/modules will be facilitated during the sessions on that specific date. Refer to your year programme for the closest Learner Support Centre in your area. You may attend contact sessions in any area. All contact sessions will be done through the interactive whiteboards installed at Learner Support Centres. Semester modules will have 3 contact sessions and year modules will have 6 contact sessions



NWU bursary students need to consult their Provincial Department of Education regarding the availability of bursaries.

To register for Grade R you have to complete an application form and the PR02 form for Grade R, it is COMPULSARY with the application form. Students receive the following study material:

  • A comprehensive study guide and manual;
  • learning materials such as textbooks and readers;
  • USB (mainly lectures);
  • tutorial and prospectus booklet.

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Please contact your lecturer for modules that you need academic assistance with, all of these contact details will be found in the tutorial for that specific module.


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