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Grade R, ADE (Special Needs) & ACT (Foundation & Intermediate Phases)


Please ensure that you have the following on hand before proceeding with the uploading of your registration documents


Password to Upload Registration Documents

Make a note of the password that was provided in your "Application Confirmation SMS". You will not be able to proceed without this.


Student Number

Also known as your University Number


Gmail Account

Use an existing gmail address or create a new gmail account

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Academic Record

Have this on hand to check modules (not applicable to first-time entrants)

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Study and Exam Centres 

Study Centres Click Here

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Biographical Information

Ensure that biographical/contact information is correct 

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 Compulsory to Read before Uploading

Grade R

Click Here to view the registration and curriculum information

ADE Special Needs

Click Here to view the registration and curriculum information

ACT Foundation Phase

Click Here to view the registration and curriculum information

ACT Intermediate Phase

Click Here to view the registration and curriculum information for the various categories in the intermediate phase.

Fixed Curriculum Notification

Click Here to view information regarding the fixed curriculum for selected programmes



Important Information!


Important Deadlines!

Registration dates: 30th of January 2023 to the 22nd of February 2023.

Last day of payment is the 23rd of February 2023.

Fees and Payments!

Click Here for payment information, minimum fees and links to finance queries.

Check that your biographical and mobile number is correct. Remember "Courier Address" is physical address and not Private Bag or P O Box address.

Proof of registration fee payment will have to be uploaded. Registration cannot be processed without payment confirmation.

You need to upload your registration form during the registration period even if you have not received feedback from NSFAS yet.

International (Namibia included) students: Full programme fees are to be paid or debit order arrangement with Finance.


Module Changes!

Students will be able to make changes to their registrations (either add or drop/cancel modules);

from 18th of February 2023 to the 3rd of March 2023.


Follow this link to access the Module Change Form: Module Change Form


E-mail the completed form to your programme e-mail address:

ACT Foundation Phase: UODLACTFP@nwu.ac.za  

ACT Intermediate Phase: UODL-ACT@nwu.ac.za

Grade R Diploma: UODLGradeR@nwu.ac.za

ADE: UODLADE@nwu.ac.za

Important Links!


  • General Academic Rules of the North-West University: Click Here


Note: uploads containing incomplete/ incorrect forms will not be processed.


 Click Below for the uploading of registrations documents for the

RETURNING STUDENTS for the following Programmes;

ACT Foundation Phase and Intermediate Phase,

ADE (Special Needs) and Diploma in Grade R